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As with all things, there are levels to the game, and before you can get from point A to point Z, we have to figure out where you're at currently. REMEMBER... This is YOUR journey so it's all about YOU, so the first step is going to be a basic assessment to see where you are currently at, and from there, plot a course to where you would like to go!



  • Measuring Tape

  • Scale

  • Journal/Diary

Let's start with your measurements. The easiest factors to track if you are brand spanking new to fitness are you body's dimensions, and your weight. You are either trying to put on weight, or lose it. Your weight is pretty straight forward, the only factor we want to ensure is observed is that you are measuring your weight first thing after you wake up in the morning before you eat or drink anything. For you physical dimensions, use the following guide:

  • Abs: Stand with your feet together and torso straight but relaxed, and find the widest part of your torso, often around your belly button.

  • Arms: Stand up straight with one arm relaxed, and find the midpoint between the shoulder bone and the elbow of that arm.

  • Calves: Measure halfway between the knee and the ankle.

  • Chest: Stand with your feet together and torso straight, and find the widest part around your bust.

  • Hips: This is the widest part of your glutes. Try looking in a mirror while standing sideways. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor.

  • Thighs: Look for the midpoint between the lower part of the glutes and the back of the knee, or use the widest part of the thigh.

  • Waist: Find your natural waist or the narrowest part of the torso.

Make not of your Starting weight and dimensions in your journal/diary, and then formulate just how much weight you would like to lose or gain. Keep you goals realistic. Losing or gaining weight is a healthy combination for caloric management and activity levels. This means that there is a limit to just how much weight you can gain or lose at any given time without compromising your health. A healthy number would be losing 1-3 pounds a week, or gaining 0.5-0.8 pounds a week. This is a a long game, not a rush to the finish. REMEMBER, there is no such thing as a free short cut, it will cost you something later.

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