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The SavageHorde

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Mukai Maromo
January 15, 2024 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the horde! The Savage Horde is an online community dedicated towards helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, as well as build the necessary habits required to maintain your results. The hardest part of adopting and maintaining a health and fitness based lifestyle is the necessary support system to help you stick to it. We are here to no only hold one another accountable, but to share helpful tips and pointers that will get us to the proverbial mountain top.

My name is Mukai, and I'm a NCAA track & field athlete, Professional Muay Thai & MMA fighter, as well as a Health & Fitness coach. I've been lucky and blessed enough to be a lifetime athlete in a number of different arenas, and I want to use ALL of the knowledge and information I've picked up along the way to help you meet and exceed your goals. Not only will I be posting ongoing motivational and informational content, I will also be putting together a weekly news letter packed full of useful, actionable information for you.

All in all, I want YOU to succeed, and after you have done os, be a beacon for others to follow, and pay it forward!

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