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Sweat, Love, and Gains: The Benefits of Couples Training Together

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Picture this: You and your partner, decked out in matching workout gear, high-fiving after crushing a set of burpees. Sound like a scene from a rom-com? Well, it could be your reality! Training together as a couple isn't just a cute Instagram-worthy moment; it's a scientifically-backed way to supercharge your fitness journey while strengthening your relationship. Get ready to discover the joy and benefits of couples training, with a sprinkle of humour r and a dash of science!

1. Motivation Mojo

Remember those days when you'd hit the snooze button instead of hitting the gym? Say goodbye to those lazy mornings! When you train with your significant other, you become each other's accountability buddies. A study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that couples who worked out together reported a higher level of motivation compared to solo exercisers. It's like having your very own personal cheerleader with you at all times!

2. Quality Bonding Time

Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy – happy couples, anyone? Couples who work out together get to share quality time while doing something beneficial for their bodies. Researchers from the University of Oxford have discovered that couples who engage in physical activities together experience a significant boost in relationship satisfaction. So, instead of a Netflix binge, why not sweat it out and strengthen your bond simultaneously?

Research shows that couples who take on new and exciting activities together report feeling more satisfied in their relationships and more in love with their partner. - Evo Fitness

3. Healthy Competition

Every relationship needs a bit of healthy competition, right? Training together can ignite your competitive spirit in a fun and constructive way. A study published in the journal Obesity found that couples who competed against each other in weight loss programs achieved better results compared to those who didn't. Just remember to keep it light-hearted; no need to turn your workout into a UFC match!

4. Mutual Support and Understanding

We all have our fitness goals, but achieving them can be a challenge. When you train with your partner, you have someone who truly understands your struggles and can offer support when you need it most. The American Psychological Association highlights the importance of social support in achieving fitness goals. Having a partner who shares your journey can make all the difference!

So there you have it – the delightful blend of love and sweat that comes from couples training together. Not only will you both experience the physical benefits of exercise, but you'll also enhance your emotional connection and strengthen your relationship. So, next time you're deciding between a cozy night in or hitting the gym, choose both! Grab your partner's hand, put on those matching workout outfits, and embark on a fitness journey that'll make you smile from ear to ear. Happy training, lovebirds! 💪❤️


Mukai is a former NCAA track & field athlete, Professional Muay Thai fighter, Professional MMA fighter, Muay Thai & Kickboxing instructor, Health & Fitness Coach, Sales, Branding & Marking specialist, and serial entrepreneur! He has worked with over a thousand clients in a 1 on 1 and group setting, ranging all the way from everyday health and fitness enthusiasts to professional NHL players like Jesse Puljujarvi and Kyle Turris and a myriad of UFC fighters and other world class athletes.


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